Let's start with the fun stuff first...

* I started Words by Claire Roberts in 2020

* I also own a candle business called MORRO & CO

* I wrote and self published my first book in 2022

* I live on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia, and have done so for most of my life.

* I'm a natural blonde, well kind of. Officially I have dark blonde hair, but I do colour it to help it be more golden than it naturally is and hide the greys!

* I only discovered what I wanted to do in life when I was 38 years old.

* I became a Christian when I was in grade 3 but really committed my life and choices to Jesus in my mid teenage years.

* My husband & I tried to be parents for 10yrs but weren't able to.

* I'm a friend you can never get rid of! I don’t have hundreds of friends, but the ones I have span from 5yrs up to 20yrs or more.

* I am part of a blended family.

* I love waterslides, cheese pizza, all motorsport and American funnel cakes.

* I am petrified of birds!

* I love the TPT, NIV and MSG translations of the bible most.


* I'm known for finding an analogy to describe anything and everything.

But there's more...

Words by Claire Roberts began as a blog to encourage women with bible verses and offer free daily devotionals. It never occured to me that it would be anything more than that. It was purely a way for me to be creative and do my bit to help others on my days off. But as it normally turns out, God had other plans!

I have become incredibly passionate about sharing my story, and celebrating the victory that has come from it with others. I'm determined not to let pain have the final say in my life or anyone else's!

Words by Claire Roberts celebrates each person's story, no matter how it looks. It's been my absolute joy to gift the words from my story so that others can find the strength to write theirs.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my gift of words to carefully create encouraging books, candles with quotes and free resources that help you create the life you have dreamt of. My blogs aims to offer positive affirmations based on verse from the bible that aimed to encourage and comfort.

A story of finding faith & living a beautiful life

I have written a book that will be launching mid March 2022, but in short it's a story that includes family breakdowns & suicide, mental illness, surviving an eating disorder and a very long fertility battle that hasn't ended in joy of a child.

None of that was fun or easy to go through but necessary in order for my story to take shape. I am beyond thankful for the faithfulness of Jesus Christ who has never left me or abandoned me in it all. I wish my story was different at times and I have spent many of my days questioning God's reasons, but in the very seasons I hated I discovered who He was. My hope is this space becomes a community, a safe place to be supported, encouraged and prayed for.