I've always loved words and believed in the power they have. 

It's my absolute honour and joy to share my words with you, I hope they bring you encouragement, peace, joy, comfort and courage, as well as hope and strength.

Claire x


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Do you love candles?

I'd love to introduce you to my other business, Morro & Co.

I created my candles with a primary aim they would be a truly sensory experience. Not only does the fragrance matter, but every other little detail including the touch the label and jar, and the positive affirmation card that it's paired with.

Each candle made by Claire Roberts...

* is hand poured

* is prayed over

* rests in worship

* is made on the Gold Coast 

* is free from chemicals, additives, lead and zinc

* is made from Australian products 

* is packed with sustainable packaging

A message from Claire Roberts...

Where does the money from your sale go?

It goes towards developing new products that will encourage, inspire other women. Each purchase you make means another woman has a chance at hope again.

I know how powerful hope can be and without it, I wouldn't be here today. I am so passionate about writing and sharing my story, now. It took nearly 40years for the healing from the wounds of my past to not hurt me. For me, I started to heal when I let God's love into my life. His words have been a life raft to me, saving me more times that I can remember.

Words by Claire Roberts is a place where words become the missing pieces of the puzzle, and Morro & Co is the tangible presence of hope in someone's home.

I carefully use my words to create Christian books, candles with quotes and Christian resources like devotionals and affirmations cards.

I am so proud of my candles with quotes, they are incredibly are powerful & unique. My candles are beautifully crafted by hand on the Gold Coast, but what makes them really special is the quotes and words. Candles make wonderful gifts, but can be a practical way to inspire someone who needs to hold onto some hope.

My candles have been created to be moments of reflection, positive affirmation, encouragement and gifts of hope for women searching for peace and strength. Each candle comes with a faith inspiration and a practical application, and is paired with an encouraging bible verses to help people finding their own faith.

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