What's so special about my candles?

What's so special about my candles?

What's so special about my candles?

Great question! There are many beautiful candles in the world and it can be hard to know who to buy off. Some are super expensive, some are not. Some are like pieces of art and some are simple and understated. But each has a reason and a purpose. Mine are no different.

I made my candles to give someone hope and open the door to joy. My candles from the packaging, to the wording and the scent have been created to be an experience.

The questions I ask myself when creating every candle is -

What does 'that' (insert word) feel like, sound like, look like and smell like?

From there I go smell many scents, designs many different labels and so on. There is often months of planning, drawing, researching, sniffing, testing and praying behind the scenes. One candle is usually in development for 4months.

I am passionate about each candle being a gift of love, support and hope.

I want each candle to be the words you can't say, the hug you might not be able to give and the touch of heaven only God can do.

This my way of being God's vessel.

I cherish my time making each candle and I love packing them up knowing the potential they have.

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