Thankful for the storms

Thankful for the storms

I remember that day so clearly.

That was my last fertility related surgery I had after many medical procedures and surgeries. I was hopeful it would be the key to opening the door to us being parents and that we finally could have whatever one else had. It wasn't.

The one thing I want this page to be is place of not only comfort but, encouragement to keep going. A place to laugh & smile. It has taken us, and me personally, a long time to heal from this particular season, as we as few other seasons I've weathered. All my posts, my stories, my point of view, my words and even my candles are born from each of those storms.

I learnt to forgive & keep going after my parents divorce.
I learnt to surrender & keep going after suicide ripped through my mum's family.
I learnt to fight & keep going after anorexia nearly stole my life.
I learnt to hope & keep going after I closed my first dream business.
I learnt to trust and keep going after I made peace with us not being parents.

I don't want to celebrate my pain, but I can't ignore it's part of my story. To be honest, I'm kinda thankful for it.

My pain has enabled me to connect with people I wouldn't have otherwise, and it has led me to my purpose.

My pain has allowed me to lean on God like I wouldn't have otherwise. My pain has made me appreciate the days after each storm so much more than I would have before. I don't have all the answers. I have many thoughts, a few opinions and some things I am sure of.

I am sure the storm will never have the final say.

I am sure there is always something to celebrate when everyone tells you there isn't. I am sure laughter really is the best medicine and, I am sure that whatever pain we will face, it will never be bigger than our God.

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