God's still in business

God's still in business

Out of the shadows⠀
Bound for the gallows⠀
A dead man walking⠀
Till love came calling⠀

Six feet under⠀
I thought it was over⠀
An answer to prayer⠀
The voice of a Savior⠀
- Lauren Daigle⠀

God is still rolling stones! If I was ever to have a walk out song for a boxing match, this would be it. I love that it acknowledges the pain but doesn't celebrate it. Jesus knew pain in a way most of us will never know and yet, He knew His God was bigger than it all. ⠀

I don't know what you are facing today, right now, or the season you are in - but I do know the grave you are in is only temporary. Maybe the stone has been actually rolled away and you're unsure if you should step out. The sunlight breaking through the darkness is causing you to squint and turn your head a little. ⠀

Have you considered the sunlight is the outstretched hand of God pulling you out and into Him?

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