Can we be honest?

Can we be honest?

If I am honest, I'm a little nervous about this post. I hesitated if I should hit 'post'. ⠀
When I first began this page, I thought I had to be perfect. I thought I had to present a perfect girl living a perfect Christian life. I thought I couldn't be real. ⠀

What if no one likes the real me, or my story doesn't resonate with anyone?⠀
What if I offend people, and I am too different?⠀
What if I turn people further away from God than to Him?⠀

But what if I don't share the real me? What if there are other women thinking they too have to be perfect, and feel like they are failing every day. What if they too are basing their faith off the idea of perfection that can never be achieved?⠀

I have never had all the answers, or claimed that the way I live life I the perfect way for everyone else. This page was a place to see the unseen, and give comfort to those that think they are alone. ⠀

So who is the real Claire?⠀

🙄 Yes I am a Christian, and yes I drink alcohol.⠀
🙄 Yes I am a Christian, and I am married to a non Christian - by choice.⠀
🙄 Yes I am a Christian, and I get a little road ragey and angry sometimes.⠀
🙄 Yes I am a Christian, and I listen to old school R'n'B music.⠀
🙄 Yes I am a Christian, and I wear my jeans a little too tight sometimes and my skirt a little short. ⠀
🙄 Yes I am a Christian, and the occasional colourful word has left my lips.⠀

I am a proud Christian and I believe in living a life that represents Jesus as best as I can, I really do. But I am not Jesus. Not being perfect doesn't mean we get a free pass to do whatever we want. His guidelines are there to help us and shield us.

I'm not perfect, and honestly, I don't think He wants me or anyone else to be. If we were, why would we need Him? 

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