All our days look different

All our days look different

I often struggle to show you my world because it's often polar opposites from week to week. My husband is a FIFO worker (fly in and fly out), meaning he is home one week and not the next. When he is not here, life is pretty quiet for me and honestly, a bit boring for social media 😂.

I used to hate the quiet because it reminded me everyday of the prayer never answered - to be a mother. While some days and nights the walls of this empty house is hard to breathe within, I have come to enjoy the peace. It's the time when I write and create.

When my husband is home...

* I don't get up as early to do my morning devotionals before we go to F45
* I don't write as much, if at all some weeks, or spend much time on social media
* I do ride my bike more, swim more and spend more time at the beach
* I do enjoy an afternoon nap a little more regularly, as well as a sneaky glass of wine with him at sunset

And when my hubby is away...

* I don't wear make up very much or even well styled outfits (& definitely don't shave my legs 🤣)!
* I don't have much variety in my meals - opting to do 1 or 2 big cook ups.
* I do write more & create more, for about 6-7hours in total each day
* I do watch all my lame lovey dovey favourite television shows.

Life looks different for all of us, and I'm learning that's okay.

Less isn't more and more isn't less. God has given us each different paths to walk, I pray you find a way to look at the roses along your

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