"You get one life, make it beautiful"

Welcome, you are so very welcome here!

This business is soley focussed on you, and you alone.

No matter what life looks for you, I am sure there are moments where you feel alone, unsure, scared and frustrated. I know I do.

While I don't have all the answers to your questions, I do have my story. I used to be so ashamed of my story, until I discovered what a gift it was to others going through something similar or the same.

So I decided to share my gift of writing, int he hope that it would be a gift of hope and inspiration for you.

I've seen how one word can change a life, unlock joy and be the seed of hope. I believe that words can bring light to your life, or increase the pain. The words we choose to use over our lives is ours alone, and it's my mission in life to help you choose the best words.


Your dreams deserves words of hope

Your heart deserves words of courage

Your family deserves words of love

Your friends deserves words of joy

Meet Claire Roberts

Hi, I'm so glad you're here! My name is Claire, I've been a born again Christian since a young girl, and live on the Gold Coast (have for most of my life!).

I am a massive BIG dog lover, and I'm always the first to put my hand up for anything fun, fast and slightly dangerous. I always check out the dessert menu first, and if there is a classic Maiah Carey song playing somewhere - I'll be singing my heart out to every word!

I love to WRITE because I love to use my story to encourage women to find their full potential in life. I'm passionate about finding the beauty in life, no matter how messy and hard it gets.

Know that the uncomfortable small talk is done, let's get to know each other more.

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What others are saying.....

"This book has brought so much positivity, fresh thinking and heartfelt awareness to my life. I don't have the same faith as you but somehow I feel closer to God because of this book."


"I love how easy this book is too read. You really have a way with words! I really loved the way you broke apart stories from the bible - the wisdom you shared is game changer for me"

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